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Sand casting at it's finest!

With UK Manufacturing thrown in to the spot light during the last recession, we're so honoured to still be working with some amazing clients to create unique sandcastings .  

Our iron foundry has the capacity to produce complex sand castings up to one tonne in weight with aerospace, defence, building, art/design and locomotive being just some of the industries we supply. Below are a small selection of some of the wonderful pieces Maybrey Reliance have recently produced.

Die Casting Foundry London  

Die Casting Foundry London

The above churubs were produced in mass for a locomotive customer. They will be fixed to the front of the engine.

Die Casting Foundry UK

A cast iron balustrade with oranate leaf and berry details. The leaves and branches even have visible veins for a more life like effect.

Die Casting Foundry London

A cast iron floor grill with a unique pattern.

Maybrey has one of the most diverse sand foundries in the UK, producing high grade flake iron and more sophisticated specifications such as silicon and nickel irons, SG, steels, as well as aluminium and bronze.
For more information on our Die and Sand Casting services, please contact Maybrey Reliance 0208 311 7333 or email Alternatively, you can visit the Maybrey Reliance website here.

Maybrey Reliance; Quality Manufacturing in the UK


From the year it was established in 1927, to today’s modern era, Maybrey-Reliance Foundry has stood the test of time and continued to be at the forefront of manufacturing. Tracing the company history back to 1839 when George England founded the Hatcham Iron Works and started George England & Company, reveals a beginning rich in product innovation and ground-breaking design, with the patent and production of revolutionary locomotives for railways across the UK, Europe and India.

By the 1860s, the company had become the General Engineering & Boiler Company before manufacturing was taken over by Reliance Foundry in 1975 at its new factory in Greenwich. Eventually purchased by and merged with the Hills Diecasting Company of Sydenham; in 2002 Maybrey Precision Castings of Lower Sydenham was also purchased and Maybrey-Reliance, now one of the best equipped and experienced foundries in the country, was formed.
Offering Die Casting and Sand Casting, the Kent based Foundry now has a range of services to offer new and existing clients across a broad spectrum of industries.
Quality Manufacturing in the UK’ details examples of these services and what’s available in-house: Tool and Pattern making, Gravity Die, Shot Blasting, Sand Casting, Surface Finishing and Light Engineering to name a few. Utilising these services has meant Maybrey Reliance has been able to produce submarine torpedo tubes, aircraft parts, modern sculptures and just as the George England and Company did over 150 years ago, Maybrey-Reliance are still producing specialist locomotive parts for steam engines.

Throughout its history, Maybrey has pioneered the development and production of items in a range of industries, with innovation pivotal to its success. In-house experience and investment in modern technologies means Maybrey-Reliance can offer a service that is second to none. Specialist engineers can also advise customers about castings design and therefore reduce costs from the onset. Capable of supplying first prototype to production components, Maybrey-Reliance has the experience, skills and technology to make concept a reality.

Click on the Manufacturing brochure below to see full details of the services Maybrey Reliance offer.

Die Casting Foundry London

Die Casting Foundry UK

Die Casting Foundry Kent

Sand cast stools are high success for artist Sam Lloyd

Having one of the most diverse and best equipped sand foundries in the UK made Maybrey Reliance an obvious choice for up and coming artist Sam Lloyd. Include his graduation from Kingston University, an institute with close ties to the Kent based foundry, and you have the perfect circumstances for creating a unique, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing stool worthy of Heal’s Discovers.

Sam Lloyd graduated from Kingston in 2013 with a BA Hons in Product & Furniture Design and an ever growing list of awards. As part of Lloyd’s final major project, he was encouraged to break free of the studio environment and explore different manufacturing techniques. Maybrey Reliance work closely with the University to provide both design assistance and product manufacturing, enabling Lloyd to experiment with available techniques at the foundry and create the stool for Heal’s Discovers.  The form of the stool top is the result of his experimentations with sheet materials and this successful design provided the best seat. Easy to assemble, the stools have a trio of fumed oak and oak legs that screw effortlessly into the seat; these are then supported by an aluminium brace also produced at Maybrey’s.
The aluminium seat and brace were manufactured using the sand casting process ‘to create a strong three dimensional stool top that can be cast in one piece' Lloyd explained. One mould produces one casting. Each half
of the mould (cope and drag) is packed with sand by hand and then left to harden.  Once both parts have hardened, the mould is put together and weights are added to the top to stop it exploding when the metal is poured.  Once the metal has set, it is then a case of breaking the casting from the mould and submerging the metal in water to strengthen it. The marks and imperfections that would normally render a casting useless are celebrated in Lloyds stools, as they cannot be replicated and make each individual stool top unique.
Shortlisted for the 100% Design Award @ New Designers 2013, the stool was quickly picked up by Heal’s Discovers and the two heights available have been a huge success, with only two items left in stock. Maybrey Reliance is proud of its design and innovation heritage and continues to both initiate and facilitate unique and ambitious projects. Working closely with University students and other artists encourages design ambition and creative exploration.



For more information on our Die and Sand Casting services, please contact Maybrey Reliance 0208 311 7333 or email
lternatively, you can visit the Maybrey Reliance website here.

Historic George England locomotive visits London


Passengers at Kings Cross station in London were delighted to see the over 150 year old Ffestiniog Railway’s Palmerston locomotive, along with a four-wheeled coach and a slate wagon, on display in the concourse this February (18th - 26th Feb 2017) to promote ‘Big Train Meets Little Train’; the recently published free guide to Welsh narrow gauge railways and how to visit them by rail.
How many admirers would have known that his unique and historic display was built less than four miles away, by George England Boiler Company in the Hatcham Iron Works situated between Pomeroy Street and Kender Street?
One of six similar engines produced by England on the site between 1848 and 1870, the Palmerston dates from 1864 and was the first steam locomotive ever constructed for use on the narrow gauge.
It’s survival is remarkable as, once thought beyond restoration, it is now in full working order and in regular use on the line.
Maybrey-Reliance, part of the CARO Group, can trace its history back through Reliance Foundry Ltd, The General Engine and Boiler Co., to George England and to the Hatcham Iron Works in 1836.
Maybrey-Reliance is still a fully functioning casting supplier and now one of the best equipped foundries in the country.

The company today produces high quality Gravity Die and Sand Casting in the full range of aluminium alloys.
They also produce high quality iron and SG castings as well as steel and bronze.
If you wish to discuss any aspect of our Die or Sand Casting services, please contact Maybrey Reliance 0208 311 7333 or email 
Die Casting Foundry London

Die Casting Foundry UK

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